Do You Have A WINNING On-boarding Procedure?

In today’s job market, employees change their jobs more frequently than in previous generations. The people you hire want to enjoy where they work. The onboarding process, if done correctly, can be the start to developing a satisfied employee and contributor to your organization’s bottom line. Use the on-boarding process to create excitement and to validate that they’ve made the right decision in choosing to work for your company.

A sound on-boarding process should communicate your company culture, values, and expectations. It should be a depiction of how your new hire should expect to be treated as an employee and how you expect them to treat customers.

If you want superior customer service…lay out the red carpet for your new hires.

Happy employees means—happy customers.

Onboarding is not just an event, new hire orientation steps, or a procedure manual. The process spans far beyond the first day and even 90-days, and should include constant communication, feedback, and performance measurement. With Your Hiring Partner’s On-boarding Program we protect your hiring investment by helping you create a winning process that leads to employee longevity and loyalty.

Watch the Two Minute Tip below as Petey Parker reveals some of the secret on-boarding tools and best practices we use to set-up a successful on-boarding process.

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