What Makes Gen Z’s Tick?

Remember Saturday mornings? Waking up to watch cartoons, eating your favorite cereal, tilting the box hoping to get the prize, then going outside as early as your parents would let you. Yelling “My turn, my turn!” as you played Hopscotch, Red Light/Green Light, Jump Rope or Freeze Tag with your friends. Those were the good old days of playing outside!

Watch out!! There’s a new kid on the block, Generation Z. Although Gen Z is new to the workplace they haven’t necessarily been standing around yelling “My Turn!” Members of Gen Z have long been MEGA influencers in pop-culture, music, marketing, and are the first entrepreneurial generation. Currently 57 million in population, in 2020 Gen Z will account for 36 percent of the workplace, but strength in numbers is not the BIGGEST reason to take note of this generation.  Checkout last month’s newsletter for the scoop on all things Gen Z. Meanwhile, let’s explore five things your HR leaders and department managers can do to prepare as Gen Z enters the workplace.




1. Immediate Feedback
Information is at their fingertips and they don’t have to wait for it. In school they have immediate access to their grades online, they get instant gratification from video games, and quick answers to their questions with a click of a button.

Gen Z ‘s Want:
-On-time annual reviews

-Feedback in between reviews

-Concrete and challenging goals

-Development programs


2. Compensation and Benefits
Witnessing their parents lose half of their wealth in the recession and face uncertainty concerning retirement security has made Gen Z more financially focused. Millennials looked for jobs that were fulfilling, however, Gen Z’s  see finding a job as a means to make a living and provide financial stability.

Gen Z’s Want:
-Lifestyle benefits

-Opportunities to work from home

-Dental, vision, maternity, and wellbeing benefits

-College reimbursement programs

-Programs to fight against work-related mental problems


3. Entrepreneurship

According to XYZ University, fifty-eight percent of the members of this generation desire to own their own business, and fourteen percent already do.

Gen Z’s Want:
-Opportunities to provide creative input

-Ownership of projects

-Invitations into the creative process


4. Connection
When communicating about important topics Gen Z’s prefer face-to-face interaction. They value authenticity and honesty, of which they believe can only be obtained through face-to-face interaction.

Gen Z’s Want:
-Balance between direct communication and online communication

-Understanding about which topics they prefer to discuss face-to-face, such as achievements


5. Human Interaction
Members of Gen Z use their tech toys for entertainment, but value in-person communication.

Gen Z ‘s Want:
-Weekly status meetings


-Recap of their achievements

-More face-to-face interaction during an interview vs online application processes


We hope that by understanding trends, characteristics and the life experiences of Generation Z this will help your organization prepare to retain and foster workplace harmony between all generations. Let us help your organization prepare to welcome Generation Z into the workplace. Your Hiring Partners works closely with HR Managers and leaders to ensure you are getting the best talent that aligns with your company values.

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