We use our skilled team and proprietary grading processes to save your company money and relieve your HR department of the time, frustration and stress of combing through hundreds of resumes. We’ll do all the hard work and find the perfect new hires for your company’s unique culture and needs. Plus, we reduce your financial risk by guaranteeing your new hires for up to two years*. Learn More

When an organization has a winning culture it’s reflected in its employees’ performance and results in decreased turnover. Our program shows organizations how to establish goals that will build and reinforce a winning company culture. We can focus on your hiring process, defining and teaching employees your company culture, establishing accountability, creating a forum for two-way communication, and building recognition programs.

In today’s job market, employees change their jobs more frequently than in previous generations. We’ll help guide you with best practices for on-boarding new hires for long-term success at your company. When you hire one of our recommended candidates we guarantee your hiring investment anywhere from 6 months up to one year. Performance Management is an add on service we offer after the 6 month on-boarding.

Managers, team leaders, and entry-level staff all perform better when they have confidence. Learning how to improve their self image, communication skills, and decision-making will help your rising executives and team leaders represent themselves and your company more favorably.

This program is designed for high-level leaders aiming to sharpen their focus, stay resilient, and achieve results. For your one-on-one coaching, we will partner you with one of our experts whose background and experience fits your unique needs. This program will explore your current challenges, sort through options, identify possibilities, and help you get into more effective action. You will have the opportunity to safely and confidentially receive high-level expertise about your practical day-to-day matters, as well as current ethical, political, personal, and business issues. You will better understand your strengths and challenges, and will have a clear personal development strategy.

Would your organization be prepared if a key leader resigned, fell ill, or had to be fired tomorrow? With the impending retirement of the baby boomers, succession planning has become a key focus in ensuring leadership continuity. Our program helps organizations plan for the replacement of key leaders by identifying potential leaders and grooming them to take on those roles. We will help you develop exit strategies to ensure your organization won’t lose important knowledge and experience when an expert retires.

Crisis can take many forms. What happens if your CEO dies in a plane crash? A tornado destroys your production facility? Or, a trusted employee embezzles money? Our Crisis Management team shows you and your leadership how to anticipate, prepare for, and respond quickly and appropriately to any emergency, including how to control the media.

You get one shot to impress potential employers.

Will your resume, cover letter and initial interview reflect your UNIQUE skills and talents? Introducing YHP’s new Job Search Advantage Program – let us help you put your best self forward!

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*New Hire guarantee is based on the entry level of the position. Learn More