What Are High Quality Candidates Looking For In A Great Company?

We spend a great deal of time teaching candidates how to impress employers, but have we given much thought to what candidates are looking for in a great company? To retain the best candidates in today’s market we must be able to brand and attract top talent. Before we dive into what candidates are looking for, it’s important to note that each candidate’s wants and needs can be influenced by their gender, generation and/or culture.


To attract female candidates, think about what would make them want to work your company.

  • Diversity – Do you have women in senior leadership roles? Do you have mentorship programs to help female employees gain the professional development they need to advance?
  • Equal Pay – Women are attracted to organizations that have equal pay and promote work-life-balance.
  • Equality – Have policies that highlight equality for both women and men.

Men seem to value fulfillment more than the corporate culture.

  • Leadership – Men want to be leaders and managers.
  • Challenge – Men want to be intellectually challenged.
  • Innovation – Male job seekers tend to lean towards companies that value innovation, recognize performances and give employees a high level of responsibility.


There are currently five generations in the workplace. Each group has distinct characteristics, values and attitudes towards work. To successfully integrate these generations in the workplace, organizations need to embrace changes in recruiting, benefits and creating a company culture that demonstrates inclusion and respect for everyone.

  • Traditionalists, born prior to 1945
  • Baby Boomers, born between 1946-1964
  • Generation X, born between 1965-1979
  • Millennials, born between 1980-1993
  • Gen Z or YLs, born between 1994 and 2009

Watch the Two Minute Tip below as Petey Parker uncovers details about what each generation is looking for in a great company. What trends have you noticed in your experience with hiring?

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