Attitude of Gratitude

Have you ever received a personal handwritten note, a birthday card in the mail, or heartfelt words of appreciation? If you have, you may remember how the act of kindness left you feeling pretty good. The fact is, gratitude plays an important role in our lives whether we are on the giving or receiving end. Gratitude has different meanings and has been defined by many throughout history. In a nutshell, gratitude is showing deep appreciation for someone or something. Learning to consciously practice gratefulness can transform our lives.

Gratitude can improve our…

  • well-being
  • relationships
  • optimism
  • happiness
  • physical and mental health

Practicing gratitude means focusing on the things we are thankful for so much that it compels us to be kinder and more compassionate towards the world. So, when the family gathers around the table this Thanksgiving holiday, take a moment to express your gratitude.

What are you truly and deeply thankful for?

Watch this month’s Two Minute Tips as Petey shares a story about the power of a grateful attitude.

Happy Thanksgiving from Petey!